DIY Cement Planters

I stumbled across this wonderful post by Centsational Girl on DIY Planters with plastic containers and even an instructable using a bowling ball. This inexpensive and creative project is a great way to beautify your home or garden this summer. With a few simple ingredients, a little bit of time, and your imagination; wa-la….gorgeous planters! Oh, and it’s a great way to reuse some old plastic containers too! 

Oh! And did I mention that they’re also cheap!!? Yes they are! Reusing unwanted plastic containers this project could cost as little as $5.00, and that’s a huge savings considering the price of some concrete containers can be well into the hundreds of dollars. 

You can find some good instructions here at GardenTrappings.






My (brain) Book

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I had this little green notebook that I picked up for about 50¢. On the cover I wrote “MY BRAIN” and used it to write down absolutely everything! Since we were purchasing our house, putting improvements on our land, a baby was coming, I had a lot of doctor appointments, I was still working outside of the home, and all sorts of various other things, I had to have something! (You know, “pregnancy brain”? Which never really went away, by the way.) Anyway, It worked for me. It was a mess but it was a small book so I knew if I just flipped through it, I would eventually find what I was looking for. I have never found a working “system” since.

A few weeks ago I found a great little notebook on Simply Vintage Girl’s blog that uses 4 x 6 notecards and craft rings.  It’s quite a bit bigger than ‘the little green brain’ that I carried around those years ago. But now that I am home most of the time, It’s not something I need to carry around much anyway. I went ahead and made one for myself. Not quite as cute as hers, and I just used what I had around the house (except for buying a few packs of index cards). Now, I’m just like the Scarecrow on the Wizard of Oz! I have a brain! (and it’s even divided into sections for easy reference!)

my book

I made several tabs to try to keep more organized. I even left a few blank, just in case need more (and I am sure I will) because I forgot something.

tabs side view

Now all those great websites and crafty ideas, recipes and cooking tips, gardening plans and sewing ideas, that I find while browsing around the Internet will be forever stored in my (brain) book (until I remove them). With the pages being removable and replaceable, I should be able to use this book indefinitely…or until I wear it out. Awesome!!

Thanks Vintage Girl for you’re great idea on this one! You’ve helped me out a GREAT deal in (hopefully) finally getting it all together! (Is that really even possible?!?)